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NEW Brooks MT3809G Rotameter
The new Brooks Instrument variable area (VA) flow meter is designed for your general purpose to extreme applications. All metal design can be used on gas, liquid and steam applications. Wetted materials 316/316L stainless steel with available exotic materials of Titanium, Hastelloy C-276, Alloy 625 and Tefzel lined. High pressure rating up to 20,000 PSI, temperature rating -198C to 420C. Features include local LCD display, alarms, 4 - 20 mA w/ latest HART.
ML Flex System
PERFORM CALIBRATIONS QUICKLY AND WITH A PRIMARY STANDARD. The ML Flex System is a new base for the ML-800 series DryCal calibrators. This new base allows you to mount four cells and operate them individually or at the same time to perform 4 separate calibrations quickly.
Micronics manufactures high accuracy clamp on ultrasonic flow meters which provide you with the advantages of easy installation, zero maintenance, zero pressure drop, no cutting of process line and high accuracy flow readings. The Micronics line includes portable battery powered units and permanent mount 110/220 VAC and 24 VDC powered models.
Newson Gale Earth-Rite MGV
Newson Gale has released the new Earth-Rite Mobile Ground Verification System (MGV). The Earth-Rite MGV is a unique technology that allows for confirmation of a positive ground connection for vehicles collecting and transferring combustible products.
Service and Calibration
Trillium Measurement and Control provides in-situ and in-house flow calibration services, start-up assistance, on-site commissioning, measurement system audits, and FloBoss S600+ flow computer programming and support.

We are registered by Measurement Canada to Perform Inspections Pursuant to the Weights and Measures Act. All of our service personnel are certified for field work, and we are registered and certified by ISNetWorld® and PICS® Health, Safety and Environmental Pre-Qualification programs.
Air Eliminators and Strainers
Trillium Measurement and Control specializes in the design and fabrication of Air Eliminators and Strainers for Custody Transfer Applications. Each Air Eliminator Tank, Strainer, or Combination Air Eliminator + Strainer can be custom designed and fabricated for any application. Our products offer high capacity air elimination by utilizing our years of design experience and the appropriate air release technology. All Air Eliminators and Strainers can be designed to meet strict Q&A and Engineering requirements, including CRN Registration.
Brooks Instrument Extended Family
Meet the new Brooks Instrument extended family. Along with the traditional line up of gas and liquid flow meters and controllers, Brooks Instrument has expanded to include: Pressure Transmitters, Vacuum Manometers, Pressure and Temperature Insensitive flow Meters/Controllers, Direct Liquid Injection Vaporizer Systems and much much more.
Direct Liquid Injection Vaporizer System
The Brooks family of extremely high performing direct liquid injection (DLI) vaporizer solutions is designed for customers who require reliable liquid vaporization. Featuring unique atomization and heat exchanger technologies, vapor delivery systems deliver pure vapor on demand.
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Trillium Measurement and Control has expanded our Markham, ON based operation to Calgary, AB.  The expansion will allow us to better serve customers of the Daniel Measurement and Control, and Newson Gale Hazardous Area Static Control products in Western Canada.

Trillium Measurement and Control will continue to offer our coast-to-coast service, including Meter Proving and Calibrations, Compact Prover Maintenance and Calibration, and Flow Computer Programming.

Trillium will continue to serve our Ontario and Eastern Canadian customers in-house and in-field meter calibration needs, and deliver class-leading products from:

Please feel free to give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be happy to assist you with any of your instrumentation, calibration, or static control applications.



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