Daniel flow measurement and control instruments are custody transfer grade with high accuracy, repeatability and quality.  Products include liquid turbine meters, liquid ultrasonic meters, piston control valves and compact prover. Visit the Daniel section for more information on their entire product line.

1500 Series Turbine

Custody transfer turbine meter for measuring crude and refined petroleum products. High accuracy up to 0.07% linearity. Available for 1″ to 24″ line size. Flow capacity up to 10,970 m3/hr. Standard two pickoffs and dual channel preamp, optional four pickoffs and two dual channel preamps. CRN registration and UL/cUL class 1 Divsion 1, groups B, C and D approval.

1500 Series Turbine Meter

3814 Liquid Ultrasonic

3814 Liquid Ultrasonic

Custody transfer liquid ultrasonic meter. Four path, transit time meter for measuring hydrocarbons. Applications include crude pipelines, offshore platforms, tank farms, ships / barges and railcar loading and offloading. Virtually zero pressure drop due to full bore design. Bi-directional flow. Non-wetted transducers that can be replaced inline. Extensive diagnostics features for remote monitoring.