Gas Flow Calibration Lab

We offer gas flow calibration service for all types of flow meters and controllers. Our reference standards are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and/or the national measurement standards of Canada.

Gas Flow Calibration Stand

The gas flow lab uses a fleet of high accuracy dry primary standards with flow capacity of 5 sccm to 500 slpm and uncertainty of up to +/- 0.15%.

Calibrations are performed using various gases, on different flow measurement technologies including variable area flow meters (rotameters), thermal mass flow meters and controllers, thermal dispersion meters, differential pressure meters, dry gas meters and others. We service units from all manufacturers.

Repair & Re-range

As the local representative for Brooks Instrument our inventory of spare parts, and qualified technicians, allow us to repair, re-range or upgrade Brooks Thermal Mass Flow Meters (MFM) and Controllers (MFC).

By choosing Trillium Measurement and Control, Canadian customers can save on shipping and customs while taking advantage of our industry leading turnaround times which include same day service1.

After calibration each meter is returned with a detailed calibration report including both as found and as left2 results, a meter performance curve and a calibration label with reference details affixed to the meter.

Sample Flow Meter Technologies

Reference Standard Uncertainty

Range (SL/min)UncertaintyReference Standard
0.005 – 100 +/- 0.15%DryCal 800
5 – 500+/- 0.25%DryCal 1020

Equipment Return Form 041

To ensure prompt service please return your instrument with a completed and signed Equipment Return Form 041. This form provides us with all the critical information needed to perform the calibration, but most importantly it assures us that the instrument is safe to handle and has not been exposed to any chemicals that may be harmful to our technicians. We appreciate your cooperation.

1Please contact us to arrange
2As left calibrations will only be included if applicable