Water Meter Calibration

Our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited liquid flow lab provides a full repair and calibration service on water meters used to monitor the discharge of private water into municipal sewer systems. These include ground water, surface water, rain water, storm water, dewatering on construction sites and contaminated water.

Neptune Water Meter on Calibration Stand

The Environmental Monitoring & Protection unit of the city of Toronto under Municipal Code Chapter 681 Sewers specifies the requirements for private water discharge approval. The areas we can assist are in sourcing the correct meter and ensuring proper meter repair and flow calibration.

The three meters pictured below meet the minimum requirements of:

1) Digital and non-resettable
2) Accuracy must be +/-2%
3) Display cumulative total in litres and flow rate in litres per minute

Neptune Disc & Turbine

Seametrics Mag

GPI Turbine

Neptune Meter Refurbishment

We perform complete refurbishment on the Neptune series of water meters. This includes complete disassembly, cleaning and replacement of damaged parts followed by flow calibration.



We stock spare parts for Neptune meters which allows us to provide industry leading turnaround times including same day service1.

After calibration each meter is returned with a detailed calibration report including both as found and as left2 results, a meter performance curve and a calibration label with reference details affixed to the meter

Sample Calibration Certificate

Equipment Return Form 041

To ensure prompt service please return your instrument with a completed and signed Equipment Return Form 041. This form provides us with all the critical information needed to perform the calibration, but most importantly it assures us that the instrument is safe to handle and has not been exposed to any chemicals that may be harmful to our technicians. We appreciate your cooperation.

1Please contact us to arrange
2As left calibrations will only be included if applicable