Mesa Laboratories manufactures the DryCal line of gas flow calibrators. The DryCal line are true primary standards that are completely dry with no messy oil baths or bubble solutions required.  Readings are fast and can be logged using the free downloadable software. Visit the Bios DryCal section for more information on their entire product line.

DryCal Metrology Series

The DryCal Metrology Series have a high accuracy of 0.15% of reading which is ideal for equipment calibration, leak testing or verification of high accuracy meters.  Flow capability of 0.5 mL/min to 1500 LPM.

DryCal 800

DryCal 1050 / 1500

Gas Flow Calibration Solution

Turnkey MFC Calibration Solutions

We offer a complete calibration solution for performing your own internal gas flow calibrations. The system includes your choice of flow bench, DryCal primary standard, power supply / control box, PC software and interface cable.