Trillium Measurement and Control offers full On-Site Custody Transfer Meter Proving Across Canada

On-Site Services Include:

Meter Proving

Representing high-quality instrumentation
products from the most trusted global manufacturers

LPG Bulk Truck Calibrations

Providing Measurement Canada Inspections

High Accuracy - Mobile Meter proving

  • Custody Transfer Meter Proving, Master Meter Proving, and Meter Inspection
  • LPG meter calibrations, Bulk truck and Bulk loading terminals
  • Customers include major International and Canadian Oil companies
  • Design, implementation and calibration of instruments that are used to measure the volume and absolute ethyl alcohol content (strength) of alcohol for purposes of the Excise Act, 2001 (the “Act”)
  • Maintain current meter history for each customer
  • Proving operations based out of Markham, ON and Calgary, AB
  • Fast proving times per meter utilizing Small Volume Provers
  • Minimal product use in comparison with other proving methods
  • Utilize 12″ Mini, 12” Standard & 18” Small Volume Provers, flow ranges up to 794 M3/HR (13,247 LPM)
  • Proprietary Trillium Measurement and Control Proving Reports
  • “Cloud-based” remote customer access to past proving reports