Brooks MT3750 Variable Area (VA) Rotameter


The Brooks MT3750 variable area (VA) rotameter is an armoured metal tube flow meter for low flow applications.  The lay length is the same as the ShoRate 1350G making it a direct replacement for high temperature and/or high pressure installations.  Operating temperature can be -50 deg. C  to 204 deg. C.  The standard connection is 1/4 NPT(F) with option for up to 3/4″ threaded or Swagelok compression.  Threaded meters are rated for 1,500 PSI, while an all welded construction can handle 4,000 PSI.  The base model MT3750 is a mechanical meter with local indication requiring no power to function.  Available electronic options are 4 – 20 mA transmitter and one or  two flow switches.