Prover Service and Waterdraw CalibrationService & Repairs

Trillium Measurement and Control has been servicing, repairing, calibrating, and managing Small Volume Prover projects  since 1992. Calibration procedures are in accordance to methods of API MPMS Chapter 4.9, Methods of Calibration for Displacement Provers. Base Prover Volume (BVP) is calculated in accordance with API MPMS Chapter 12, Calculation of Petroleum Quantities and is traceable to Measurement Canada.

  • Rebuild, certify and Water Draw the full range of Small Volume Provers
  • Full range of Measurement Canada Certified Test Measures
  • Maintain stock in Calgary/Markham of many critical Prover parts
  • Maintain data and volumetric history on each of our customers Provers
  • Responsible for Prover rebuilds for customers across Canada (major refineries, upgraders, marketing terminals, pipelines)
  • Trillium has the ability to perform waterdraws in remote areas, utilizing our portable test measures, test equipment, and waterdraw control kits